SAT/LOT Trestle

Lashing trailers and pushing trailer-horses has for the last 30 years been a hard, slow and cost intensive operation. The SAT system has changed that completely.

When using the SAT system the Autotrestle is connected to the trailer by the terminal tractor on the terminal and forms an integrated part of the trailer during the whole sea journey. The system reduces the need for lashing and in some cases dispenses the need for such lashing completely. In turn it leads to a significant reduction in handling cost per unit to such an extent that the system is paid for in less than two years.

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Mats Johansson

Phone: +46 705549015


Video SAT Trestle

SAT Trestle – Deck locking

The SAT trailer trestle is operated by a standard terminal tractor that connects the SAT trailer trestle to the trailer via its fifth wheel-kingpin connection.
Onboard the SAT trailer trestle is firmly secured to the ship’s deck via its integrated twist locks.
A trailer secured to the ships deck using a SAT trestle will not require any additional lashing up to a significant wave height of 4,5 meters after which two lashings in the rear will cover anysea state.

LOT trestle – No deck locking

The LOT trailer trestle is operated in the same manner as the SAT but has no integrated decklocking. Still there are many advantages in the logistics and due to its rigid design the required number of lashings are highly educed.
The LOT trailer trestle brings operation costs down to a minimum for the money invested and has therefore a very high rate of return.